Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Faces of Infertility: Joanna & Josh

In celebration of "National Infertility Awareness Week", I am featuring stories of infertility this week. These are all guest posts that I hope will put a real face on this devastating disease. Please spread the word and share these stories!

It would take so long for me to tell our whole story. So let me summarize.

My husband Josh and I were married in 2001. The Lord graciously gave us our son Noah in July 2007, after a 3-year struggle with infertility. We had been trying to have a second child for almost 4 years, when the Lord gave us another miracle pregnancy through IVF. Our second son, Seth, was born in November 2012. 

I'm a stay-at-home-mom, which brings new challenges and many joys of its own. Over the years, one key lesson I'm learning is that God is in control and has a specific plan for my life, even if that doesn't always match what I would have chosen. I fail every day, but my prayer is that I would grow to be pliable and useful to my Master so He can continue to make me into whatever kind of vessel He chooses!

There are two past articles on my blog that I think summarize infertility for me in a very tangible way:

And this link will take you to all the posts on my blog labeled, "Infertility".  I didn't have a blog back when we were yearning for our first child, so all these posts are from the years between Noah and our second son, Seth.  I will say I yearned just as hard for son #2 as I did for son #1, so I would think the feelings would be relevant to anyone experiencing infertility.  

Right now we have two frozen embryos left, and are currently planning to go back for them in September of this year.  I am already looking forward to that, while at the same time dreading riding the IVF roller coaster again. :)

(Please note that all parts of this article are the opinion of the guest writer and not necessarily viewpoints that I personally share)

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