Monday, April 14, 2014

Porto Martins

Rebekah called this morning. Want to take a walk down to the boats? I am so glad she called because I had no idea it was warm enough to make this walk with four children. Not just warm but windless ... key parts of walking along the water.

I'd never walked all the way to the boats with all four of them and just a single stroller. But my double stroller is on its way to the USA so single it was. I'm so glad we choose to keep a three-wheeler, scooter, and bike with us for the last two months despite the fact that I might have to sell them when we leave. We've used them so much as the weather has gotten better. Hannah in stroller, Abigail on scooter, Isaac on three-wheeler, and Sidge on two-wheeler, and we were off.

As we walked today, the kiddos diverted regularly for adventures climbing on the rocks. Oh how I will miss the safety and serenity of Terceira island. What a majestically beautiful place.

Speaking of beautiful and majestic, check our Rebekah's amazing snaps of our morning out. I continue to thank the Lord for bringing me friends for me and my kiddos during our adventures:

An old boat

From left: Abigail (2.5), Joel (2.5), Elijah (6), Sidge (5), Isaac (5), and Judah (4)

Another boat -- how cool are these colors?

All six in front of the boat
All six with Elijah holding their "map" for the adventures

Abigail always pretends she has no idea Joel is head over heels in love with her!

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