Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Elijah "Sidge"

We picked out a perfect Bible name for him and he has since become "Sidge." We are pretty sure it will be his name forever. He is passionate and personable and loving and snuggly. He does everything with his whole heart and while he is afraid of new situations, is very rarely afraid to try a new thing. He is a bull in a China shop. He is concerned about others. He loves legos and playing with friends and going to Awanas. He likes to sing the song "Life's a Happy Song" while he is brushing his teeth every night. He is a grand negotiator, a charming big brother, and a devoted little brother. He will always remain a miracle child -- one that I never dreamed would be born. He loves to help do anything and enjoys superheroes, ninjas, and school work. He is reading pretty well, riding his bike like a champ, and is yet to lose a tooth. Love this not-so-little man:

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