Monday, April 21, 2014

Our traditions

I've decided against Easter baskets. I don't have a reason exactly so don't take that decision personally. In trying to ascertain my reasoning, I think it's more being overseas during the early years of their lives with access to very little "stuff" that has sent me down this path. In my house growing up there were two "gift" days. We didn't do Valentine's Day or Easter in a big blow-out fashion. And so, in our home, it is appearing to follow in the same direction. 

But we do LOVE Easter egg hunts. We did one with the MOPs group on Base here at my house (I'm waiting for photos to be able to share them.) And we are going to hang out at the Storey house tonight and we'll do another. 

Most year's we've dyed eggs too. However, in the past Isaac has never participated due to his allergy. This year, we decided for gloves. He was still a bit nervous, and it took some convincing to get him to believe these gloves made him "safe." This was the best picture I could muster due to his apprehension:

I am SO glad that JB enjoys the egg dying festivities. I just don't have the artistic skill to participate -- nonetheless lead the troops:

Another slight "glitch" in the egg dying is that there are NO white eggs on the island. We had no idea what the result would be but decided to give it a try anyway:

 Here's the result. Not too bad at all:

After dying the eggs, Sidge said, "Daddy, can you tie a rubber band around my finger and dye it?" JB decided to give it a try. 

As is often the case, biggest brother, Isaac, wanted nothing to do with staining his body, but little sister jumped right on that. She did, however, have trouble getting her thumb to stick up. She kept saying, "I no know how to do that."

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