Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Wee-wind Wednesday

On April 7, 2008, I blogged about a baby shower for Bri and me. Joan's friends and family threw a joint shower -- to celebrate our son Isaac's birthmom, Bri, with spa days and encouragement and to celebrate me with gifts for the new life Bri was four weeks away from delivering. A new life that she would soon hand to us with the permission to be his Daddy and Mommy forever -- a gift that truly cannot be equalled. Hard to believe that the little life inside of her in this picture below will turn six next month! Praise the Lord for unexpected miracles. 

I think often about the fact that had Roy and Joan not dealt with infertility and the loss of their precious son Brant, they may never have adopted Brianna. Had we not dealt with five years of devastating losses in the course of infertility, Brianna may very well never have asked us to parent her little boy. Without the pain Joan suffered ... without the pain I suffered ... Isaac may never have been born. Or if he had, we wouldn't be his parents. I would never have gotten to be the Mom of the most incredible little boy -- Isaac John. 

Sometimes, pain has a purpose. If you are in the midst of pain today, don't forget that. God is still writing your story. And just maybe, it'll have an ending outside of what you could ever hope or dream. There are happy endings! 

We got one.

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