Friday, April 11, 2014

War and adoption

War effects us in ways many people wouldn't even contemplate. Imagine being a nearly sixteen year old girl in Crimea. Once you turn sixteen, you can no longer be adopted. Then, an American couple begins the process to adopt you. The paperwork is being done and you are weeks, maybe days, away from meeting your new parents.

And then war breaks out. And then all adoptions stop occurring in your country. And you are about to turn sixteen. And your chance will be gone. 

Click here to read a story about the last Crimea adoption. 

And please keep the children in this country in your prayers. Many of these children and their adopted parents had everything done and ready for their adoption to be finalized. These parents had most likely paid a lot of money and were in the final stages of preparing to go pick up their child. And suddenly, everything shuts down. 

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for shedding light on the sad situation in Ukraine. We adopted our son with special needs from Ukraine 7 months ago. His orphanage was 4 hours away from Crimea. It sounds as if more orphans are at risk of getting stuck in many other cities as Russia is advancing. We pray that doesn't happen.