Friday, April 04, 2014

A few videos (amongst the moving)

Today is the last day for our big shipment. We will end up with 13 crates. This is not to bad considering the fact that we have added four people since we first packed out of Eglin in 2010 (two baby girls and two grandparents). When we left Eglin we had 9 crates. We had 11.5 when we moved here to the island. It's pretty easy to see how easily you amass "stuff" in this life.

Today the last of our stuff leaves. JB and I just did a final sweep to see if there was anything the moverIn addition, a few loaner pieces of furniture arrive (a coach, a table, a few beds, and a chair.) These loaner items are affectionately called "stick furniture" due to how exceedingly comfortable they are known to be.

On Monday the movers will return to pack out our small shipment. Under 1,000 pounds, it will go by air and hopefully greet us when we arrive in Tennessee.

In the midst of movers and boxes and signatures and debating and sitting on the floor and eating pizza ... I captured two fun videos. Our kids are doing well, but we can definitely tell they are impacted by what is going on around them. There's definitely been more tears and more difficulty going to sleep and down for naps amidst a house that no longer feels like a home. It's so important to remember that real life needs to go on despite the tumultuous nature of a move.

Isaac and I went up to Base yesterday to run some errands. I went into Outdoor Rec to sign up for some final island tours. Isaac spotted a Thor costume at Outdoor Rec. Our kiddos currently save pennies for good behavior, chores, speaking kindly etc. (To read about this practice in our home, click here.) When I told Isaac how many pennies this costume would cost him, he decided to approach Sidge about combining their pennies so that they could afford the costume since he didn't have enough pennies himself.

Sidge agreed, and they returned to Outdoor Rec. later in the day with Daddy who needed to do a little work at his office, to make the purchase. I was really proud of them for working together to buy the costume and then working together to take turns wearing it.

On a side note, we have decided that 100 pennies equalling $10 is too kind. "It's called inflation, boys," JB told them as he explained that 100 pennies was now going to be worth $5.

Anyways, here is a video of Sidge in the Thor costume. Abigail has also been spending the day in her Batgirl costume and new tennis shoes that I purchase from a friend on the Lajes Field Yard Sale Facebook page. She thinks they are princess tennis shoes that make her very fast:

This second video was early this morning. I had started a fire and was just emerging from my night on an air mattress when Sidge came out into the living room to join me. I managed to capture a few minutes in discussion with my second little boy:

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