Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BOI Fundraiser

A few months ago, the thrift store on base closed down. Americans quickly started asking on the Facebook yardsale page for our base, where they could donate their used items? (This isn't America where another Goodwill is down the road.)

There are some orphanages on the island which collect stuff. But I got an idea. I thought that maybe I could collect this stuff and then resell it at the flea market on Base. The money I make could all be donated to BECAUSE OF ISAAC.

Once a month, the base hosts an American flea market. Americans can buy a table for $15 and sell their items to the Portuguese. It is an absolute MADHOUSE. People are everywhere and bartering like crazy. It can be quite overwhelming.

So I posted on the yardsale page that I would take any items people wanted to donate. And then I would sell them and donate 100% of the proceeds to BECAUSE OF ISAAC.

The main reason that this would work is because I live in a big house. And with everything packed out for Tennessee, I could devote an entire room the cause.

The response, as you can see from the picture above, has been insane. I honestly quickly became inundated. I have been posting some of the higher end items on the Facebook yardsale page. I've also been having some people come to my house to look through the items. Just last week I made $300 reselling items!

We are going to do the flea market in April and May, right before we leave the island. I'm incredibly excited to see how much money I can make for our current couple. They are only $2,500 away from their final goal, and I honestly think I might be able to make about half of that with this little venture.

It is a LOT of work, and I keep thinking to myself, "Are you crazy? You have four kids. This is too much." But my heart is so in love with our organization, and I am constantly brain-storming any way that I can raise money. We are very excited as we have two new couples ready to launch any day now. I hope we can add even more in the near future.

Another idea I had was to help sell these signs, below:

The woman who makes them has pledged $25 from every sale to BECAUSE OF ISAAC. This weekend, a woman on Base is hosting a craft fair at her house. I decided to attend the craft fair and attempt to sell these signs. (If you are interested in buying one, please let me know or visit our sponsors page for more information.) I'll let you know how the sale goes after Saturday comes and goes!

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