Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The move continues

A few months back, the Thrift Store on Base closed down. When I saw that there were a lot of Americans who had no idea what to do with their "stuff", I got a fundraising idea for Because of Isaac. I started collecting this "stuff" from Americans and reselling it out of a free room in our house (since we had packed out) for a euro a piece.

Well, Saturday, while I was in Sao Miguel, a few of my friends took all this stuff to the monthly flea market on Base and sold it. (How awesome of them to help me with this fundraiser!) They made another $400 bringing the grand total of the April month of this fundraiser to $1,600!!!

Any items that did not sell on Saturday were donated to a local orphanage. I am going to be doing another month of the fundraiser, culminating in a sale in May -- the weekend before we leave the island. In the meantime, that room in our house was emptied out, and it therefore turned into the "suitcase room." JB and I pulled out every suitcase we owned and set them up. We have to be out of our house here in Porto Martins in the next three weeks. This means it is time to start loading this babies up with stuff that will make the flight with us from the island to Baltimore at the end of the month.

I cannot believe we are less than a month away from our return to America. It is always bittersweet, but I am beyond excited to return to America!

I'm also so excited that with this fundraiser, our currently adopting couple is now within $1,000 of their final goal! We are almost there!

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