Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visitors to Eglin so far (updated as of 7-1-09)

We've had some new visitors. Time to make an update.


Oom (Uncle) Ed & Tante (Aunt) Jan K. June 2007

Friend and surrogate sister (and Isaac's future birthmom -- although she wasn't pregnant yet in this picture) Brianna V. June 2007.

My cousin Justin July 2007

Mom and Dad H. Labor Day weekend 2007

My "little sister", Kelsey, October 2007

Hans & Rachel November 2007

Mom, Dad, Brother Keith, and wife AD November 2007

The Wilson family. From left: Jessie, Sam, Mike, Deanna, and Grace. December 2007


Our friend Tara (JB's classmate at Mayo and fellow Africa traveler) February 2008

Our great buds (and cousins) Josh, Sarah, and boys Tyler (left) and Jordan. February 2008.

My mom with her new (and first) grandson May 2008

Our great friend, Ebby, May 2008

Mom K. with her third grandchild. May 2008

Scott R. with kids: Ellie, Anna, Ben (and Elijah not pictured). May 2008.

My Dad (Pa Pa) June 2008.

Keith (my brother) and AD (his wife), July 4th weekend 2008.

Bri (Isaac's birthmom) with her Mom Joan, July 2008.

JB's brother Ray and his family: Gabbi, Grace, and Nate, August 2008.

JB's Dad and Mom, August 2008.

JB's brother, Rob, and his girlfriend, Sherrie, August 2008

Friend from Mayo, Erica, August 2008.

Sister-in-law, Gabbi, (my driving partner), September 2008.

Friend and teammate from college, Shea, October 2008.

Friend we met in Minnesota (but from Syria), Bara, November 2008.

My parents, Thanksgiving and again on Christmas 2008.


My Mom drives up to greet Elijah, January 2009.

Dad and Mom K meet grandchildren #3 and #4, January & February 2009.

Joan (Bri's mom) comes to help me with both babes, February 2009.

Great friends from Mayo Dave and Lesley, February 2009.

Tara & Shomir, March 2009.

Grama Di helps me tackle JB's night rotation, March 2009.

My Aunt Allyson and her daughter Katie vacation in Destin, April 2009.

Tristan (friend from Eglin who now lives in Turkey), April 2009.

Gabbi, Nate & Grace (along with Mom K who is not pictured) visit for Isaac's birthday, May 2009.

Joan comes into town to help me while JB is at C4 in Texas, May 2009.

My Mom and Dad visit for Memorial Day Weekend, May 2009.

Dad comes by himself on a hiatus from school teaching, June 2009.

Joan and Bri come for a long weekend, June 2009.

My brother Keith, wife AD, and new daughter Charleigh visit. July 4th weekend 2009.

Kit #5, Matt and his wife Danielle. July 2009.

Cousin Grace (comes with her parents and brother Nate). August 2009.

JB's family (Ray, Gabbi, kids; Grant & Elizabeth, Mom and Dad K.) join us for Thanksgiving! November 2009.

My Mom's parents (my grandparents and the boys great-grandparents) join us for Christmas along with my Dad and Mom. December 2009.


Joni comes in for two visits and helps me tackle a difficult week for JB at work and then his trip to Utah. January & February 2010.

My brother Keith, Adie, and their daughter Charleigh come in for a visit. Keith and Charleigh stay longer to help me get through a tough JB rotation. March 2010,

My old friend from college, Jaime (on right) comes to visit. We head to Gulf Breeze to visit with our grad assistant when we played ball, Debbie. March 2010.


Anonymous said...

The 2 mothers and brother in law came as well but were put to work so no pictures were taken. It's ok. We understand. We will have to come for a visit so we can be on your blog space!!

Anonymous said...

you could put little stick figures with pictures of their heads attached or something huh wen!? :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, just curious about the "Oom and Tante". I have some Dutch friends and I know they use those terms too, what background is your family?

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

My families are both 100% dutch. However, Tante and Oom are Indonesian so I am not sure of the connection. :)

Anonymous said...

I just saw these comments today -
Tante and Oom are Indonesian for Aunt and Uncle but come from Dutch as they were under various rulers there, including Dutch rule, until they became independent!

Anonymous said...

By the way Wen, have you heard that in our family tho we say we are 100% french there is a story that somewhere in there we have some Jewish blood, but noone has told, is telling, or still knows the story -has me curious tho!

Anonymous said...

Gosh why did i say 100% French -instead of Dutch ...maybe thinking of the movie French kiss...or maybe wishful thinking? would i really rather be French than Dutch...hmmm toughie!
xo Tante Jan

TAV said...

You guys are so popular!!!!!!

Erica said...

Not only did I make on the blog, but now I'm on the official visitor's page! YES! :)

Amy T. S. said...

Iowa Cubs? What?!?!?!?

It starts. The boys already look like twins. I am going to start telling people that mine are if they ask. Ha!


Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Amy, we went to see my cousin Justin pitch AGAINST the Iowa Cubs. A kid behind JB dropped his hotdog on him and ketchup got all over. His family bought JB a new shirt to wear at the game!