Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I thought I'd start this post on a positive note and then continue in a not-so positive tone. So the pictures are the good stuff. My little cutie-pie!

I avoid using the word "throw-up" on my blog. Mostly because my Mom can't handle talk of bodily functions, and I had previously promised her that I would avoid getting "gross" on my blog.

For the sake of my Mom, I will finish this story using my famous "upsetness" (given its proper place after the car seat fiasco of a few weeks ago) in place of said throw-up.

So now I'll combine the word Cutie-pie and upsetness into one sentence.

The bad stuff is that Cutie-pie had some upsetness again last night. I was over at Andrea's, having dinner as both of our husbands are in Texas. Cutie-pie went from incredibly happy to upset in about two seconds. He started making the signs for please night-night over and over again. I guess I need to work on the sign for sick. Knowing Elijah was going to wake up any minute to eat and I'd have two babies who needed me without the comforts of our own home, I made an early exit from Andrea's.

Poor JB called just as Cutie-pie had some "upsetness" in his bedroom then again in the living room when I attempted to lead him to the kitchen. I quickly answered the phone, told hubby we'd have to talk later, and got a game plan underway. Elijah was laid down on his mat in the living room, Scrubs cornered in the kitchen, Cutie-pie sequestered to his crib, and Mommy assumed the position of scrub-master, trying to coat the carpets with cleaner and get the upsetness out of the Air Force's carpets. Unfortunately, Cutie-pie had eaten some very fun, colored goldfish at Andrea's. They made the upsetness quite interesting.

I put Cutie-pie to sleep only to hear him get up clearly not feeling well under an hour later. I propped Elijah on the couch and removed Cutie-pie from his crib, heading to the living room to watch some American Idol which he loves but we never let him watch. We snuggled in under his blanket and, you guessed it, upsetness all over Mommy and boy. After a shower, I set him on the ground with a towel draped over him only to observe that he was peeing on the floor. Oh sigh . . .

Did I mention I had woken up this morning to Scrubs' upsetness in the guest room as well?

Just a side-note there.

Anyways, needless to say, I am sooooo ready to have JB come home. I was going to have a friend spend the day with me today but she is getting ready to go on vacation, and I didn't want to jeopardize her vacation with an illness. I don't want to jeopardize anyone with an illness so I'll skip wifia today too and just hang out at home.

The great news is, tomorrow, JB comes home and he has a three-day weekend to boot! Last night made me even more ready for his return.

Anyways, hope this was tame enough for you Mom. Love you!

*** If you have a SNAPFISH account, you can view this awesome slide show Joia made for me! Her pictures are such a gift.


Lady Di said...

Awwwww Wen. I am so sorry! You handled the blog very well. I don't mind the word throwup...I just don't like it when it has to be described so we can 'picture it'. I wish I was there to help you. You are know that? I wanted to call you on my way home from Charlieghs but couldn't find my phone. Probably a good thing cause I don't think you would have wanted to talk! Loveyou~~

Becky said...

Sounds like it was a very tough night. I'm praying Isaac makes a quick recovery.

Speaking of pictures, as I was reading this, I mentioned to John what had happened. He says, "Did she post pictures?" LOL

TAV said...

I hope your little cutie is feeling better.

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Awh Wendi. I am so sorry to hear this. I remember these days well. Normally I had 2 on me when this it could be worse! :P
Hope he is on the mend RIGHT NOW! :)
Love you...wish I could just drive over to help out.

Anonymous said...

Oh my Wen!!! Looks like I left two days too early. I'm so sorry that Isaac got "upset". I truly wish that I could have been there to help you. I will be praying that he makes a very quick recovery.
I miss all of you,