Thursday, May 07, 2009

My gift to blog readers

Our friend Jamie gave us a gift certificate for a photo shoot at Olan Mills back when Isaac was born. When we learned that Elijah was on the way, we decided to save the shoot for a time when we could take both of them.

Easter Sunday we got photos taken (below) of the two boys. Ordering sheets was expensive so I didn't think I'd be able to give many out. But then I learned that I could buy the CD. That means I can take the CD and order photos on SNAPFISH for muchhhh cheaper.

We never did birth announcements for Elijah. We were just so busy and tired that we were only dealing with the mandatory things in our life. Since three months have now gone by, I have decided that instead of doing birth announcements, I'm going to get pictures for anyone who would like them. Trust me, this will be TONS cheaper than birth announcements so don't feel bad about ordering some prints. Consider it my gift to you for being a part of my blog family.

So, if you would like to have a photo, let me know. Simply view the photos below and then leave a comment with your order. Here are some points to note:

  • If you don't think I have your address and you don't live near me, please give me your address or email address.
  • I plan to only order wallets or 4 x 6 prints. If you'd like something larger, I'll get it for you, but you'll have to pay for that! 5 x 7 and 8 x 10's get expensive!
  • My personal favorites are H, C, and D.
  • Please note that the label for each photo is on top of it.
  • Make sure you tell me which photo/s you want and which sizes you want.
  • Also, don't feel badly about placing an order. Consider it a gift for reading my blog! With snapfish, I don't mind making an order. Through Olanmills, wayyyy too expensive.
  • If you'd prefer to just receive an electronic copy of the picture so you can order some for yourself, I can do that too. When I get the CD, I can just email you a copy of the photo/s you like. Make sure you leave your email address.









Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

One of each please....JUST KIDDING! :) They are all so cute.
D please...4x6 is fine with me...will fit nicely on the fridge for us to see! :)
I love you make my heart smile!

rachel said...

Of course we need some Kit boys pictures!! :-) A and C...either size is fine - there's a spot waiting on our fridge!

Jess said...


David and Lesley said...

4 x 6 of D for us please! :)

AW said...

Does Snapfish print copyright protected stuff? I've never been able to print studio photographs from places like that...they turn me down.