Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wild Kratts Live

On Friday, we left Hannah with Grampa and Grama and made a four-hour drive to Charlotte, NC to see Wild Kratts live. We got a hotel and then went to the show on Saturday afternoon. 

We had a blast!

Firstly, the show. Nothing absolutely spectacular, but very well done and a very fun thing to attend if you have kids who love this TV show. It is really important that they have seen the show a lot as I think there a lot of "inside jokes" that make this more fun.

However, aside from the show, I realized a few things as a mom this weekend.
  1. If you have more than two children, elevator buttons are a major pain in my rear end. Oh the fights that ensue over whose turn it is to press these buttons. Ugh! It was literally my least favorite part of the trip. I try to keep track. I try to remember. But there are always tears.
  2. Commercials continue to make me laugh. My kids have never had real TV. We lived in Turkey for two years and then the Azores. Both of these locations included base TV which doesn't have commercials. When we moved back to the States we opted to not get TV. And my kids do NOT get commercials. They want me to fast forward them or turn them off or pause them. It cracks me up. 
  3. Never underestimate the power of consistency. Every time we go out of town we stay at the same town: Country Inn & Suites. They have a suite room that works really well for our family. They have a pool. They have a free breakfast. They have cookies and a lending library. My kids do really well because they know what to expect. We love it!
  4. Whenever you leave one child out, you miss them. Even though we knew this was the best thing for our family, it is tough feeling like a part of you isn't there. 
  5. I love living in the middle of the country where we can easily drive to places within a few hours. It is so great!
  6. I LOVE being back in America. I needed to run into the pharmacy because the pool had bothered Isaac's ear. I can zip up and down the aisles and know exactly what I am looking for. I don't have to worry about language barriers and whether they will have what we need. It is such an exhilarating and freeing feeling.

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