Monday, February 22, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Learning about eggs

I love this picture above that my husband creating. I've been learning about eggs. I'm learning a lot about food. And I am realizing that what we see in the store is sort of ... fake. Here is what eggs at our home look like. This is what we are getting.

People have asked me about washing our eggs. Technically, you don't need and really shouldn't wash eggs. However, the truth is, if someone were to receive a dozen of our eggs without begin cleaned, it would probably bother them. So you can wash the eggs in warm water. It is not as good as not washing them but second-best. (Here's another Blog post that helps explain this.)

The same thing goes for a chicken. Most people don't even buy whole chickens. They don't want to see their food looking like what it is really is.

So much to learn living this life on a farm. It's incredibly exhausting and rewarding and educational all rolled into one.

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