Friday, February 05, 2016

A few videos (and an update on Scrubs)

I thought I would share a few videos. This first one is Hannah who somehow learned to ride a bike with training wheels while I wasn't looking. I just turned around and there she went. She is singing "Round in Circles."

The second is a quick video of Scrubs. You may not be able to tell by the video, but I can, that he is getting pretty bloated again and that he definitely has some muscle loss around his back. He is not looking "fit and trim" like he always does. But honestly, other than that, he doesn't look like he has cancer (or a tumor or some other weird thing) that is going to end his life soon. I keep praying the vet is wrong (and she admitted the timeline is unknown to her) but also trying to be very level-headed and prepared for him to leave us. He is eating snacks and hanging out with us and doing all the things he normally does.

I've never had to deal with a chronic illness in someone I love, but I have to imagine that it would be sort of the same in a person as it is in a dog. You watch them. You see how they feel. You ask them questions. (Although dogs don't answer back.) And you dream that maybe they aren't sick. And maybe they'll defy the odds.

And sometimes they do.

And sometimes they don't.

I'm praying and hoping that my Scrubby will live longer than anyone thinks he can while still preparing myself to say good bye to him.

And while I thought I would be really sad, once the initial shock wore off, I'm actually a very sort of "happy sad" as Sidge likes to call it. I'm so enjoying spoiling him and loving him and really paying attention to him. He must be thinking, "Woman. Leave me alone!"

We bought him extra bacon snacks at the grocery store today.

And man oh man does he love sleeping on the couch in the school room.

Part of me wonders if this all wasn't to get himself up on that couch.

Either way, I am really so thankful that his death didn't come suddenly and that I'm able to really thank him for the wonderful years he gave me.


Susan said...

Oh Wendi! My heart is breaking for you. We have two fur babies and they are family members, just like your Scrubs. I have so enjoyed watching that sweet boy and his antics as your family has grown. I can't think of a better place for him to spend how ever long he has than to be surrounded by his family on the farm. I'll be following the rest of his story. Know that you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendi, so sorry to read about Scrubs. He is the reason I followed your blog as many years ago you posted in the British Dalmatian Forum. Also wanted to say recently someone had put on an article about Copper toxcicosus which does have similar effects. The Dalmatian clubs are very helpful too in giving ideas as so many owners have had their beloved pets feeling ill. Wishing you all a peaceful weekend. Give that boy as much love as you can.

Diane Worboys

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Thank you so much Diane. We looked into this and it does appear this may be what it is. Unfortunately, it appears the treatment costs are prohibitive. :(

Anonymous said...

Feel so sad for you Wendi, vets costs are high, my boy is 12 + now and his insurance is huge. But with a grown up family I am able to just about keep paying it. Have read a raw diet is a help in some cases. The Dalmatian club of America may be able to offer more specified advice? I know from reading your blog for so long, Scrubs wellbeing will be uppermost in your mind and heart. My best wishes to your family.

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Diane do you know how I can contact them?

We are planning to go have him drained again tomorrow. His spirits are so good that we just don't feel we are ready to say good bye.

So hard :(

I will absolutely do the best by him. I don't want him to go too early or too late. Trying to figure out when that is.