Saturday, February 20, 2016

Last night ...

... I woke up.

Okay, so wait. It wasn't at night. It was in the morning. It was 3am.

I was hot. I got up. I walked out into the living room to turn down the heat.

I heard talking giggling upstairs.

I looked at the clock again.

Yes, I saw it correctly. 3am.

I walked up the flight of stairs knowing that anytime I ascend the stairs in the night, my ability to fall back to sleep is cut in half.

Or in a quarter.

(It's low.)

I peek into the girls' room.

Sound asleep.

I head to the boys' room, swing open the door, and find the boys ... cleaning up their Legos?

"Look Mom!" Sidge exclaimed. "You told us we had to clean up our toys before breakfast, and we did it!"


Apparently, without a clock in their room, they both woke up, thought it was morning, and began their Lego clean-up. From all they had accomplished, they must have been up for at least an hour!

"Guys," I said. "It is three in the morning!"

"It is?" Isaac asked. "I've already put on my clothes for the day."

He was totally dressed! Pants and a shirt and everything.

"And I'm hungry for breakfast," Sidge said.

No way. Back to bed.

Tomorrow ... or make that today ... we get a clock for their room!

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