Friday, February 26, 2016

Save money on lego

Want to try save money on Lego (Legos?) for your kids? Here is an article sharing just how to do that. But I wanted to add a few suggestions of my own:

  • Use -- they have TONS of Legos. The shipping can be a bit high but it is a good deal if you are buying a big batch. And if you happen to live near one of the selling locations, you can skip the shipping costs!
  • Keep an eye out for teenagers getting rid of some of their sets. We stumbled upon a young man trying to buy a gaming computer. He was selling about 2 dozen complete sets for a fraction of the price of getting them new. We snatched them up and then used them as rewards in our house. We even had our kids buy the sets back from us after saving their money for them. 
  • Rent your sets! continues to be one of our best friends. A very fun way to keep doing new sets without buying them all. 
  • Make your children earn money to buy their sets. We do NOT buy our kids Legos outside of special occasions. Having the kids having to pay for their own sets really lets them feel how expensive these little buggers are!
  • Swap Lego sets with friends. We haven't found anyone around here to do this with, but I really think it is a great idea, and have been thinking about a way I could make this work.

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