Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Made it through the night

Scrubbs made it through the night. This is a really good thing. He had a lot of swelling after the procedure yesterday, and the Vet thought it might mean he dies quickly from dehydration/shock. So making it through that tough 24 hours means we could get some extra time with him. The Vet guessed no more than weeks, but truly, no one knows. We could go to Knoxville and get a bunch of tests done to know exactly what we are dealing with, but we don't want to do that to Scrubs. We want to just take him for walks on the farm and let him enjoy his last days/weeks/months with us here on the farm.

His belly is swollen and one of his legs is very swollen. He also threw up last night. But otherwise, he is acting quite like himself. He is moving slower but still very present and he does not appear to be in any pain.

I will definitely keep everyone posted here on the Blog.

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Anonymous said...

I'm continuing to pray for your family. I've never met you and never met Scrubby, but it has been so apparent through your writing the role he has played in your family. I'm specifically praying for peace for all of you, especially the kiddos and that Scrubby's final days are filled with comfy furniture lounging, beautiful walks, belly scratches and lots of love.