Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Showing off the splits and non-matching socks

Abigail is still in love with ballet. It is one of her favorite things to do all week. She's getting better and better at her splits, and Hannah's been trying to do it with her. Hannah is attempting to "point" her toes by grabbing them.

By the way. Completely sidenote: I apologized the other day that one of my girls was not wearing matching socks when I went to co-op. I was informed that not wearing matching socks is all the rave! This is such perfect timing in my motherhood life. I've never had a hard time with boys socks. They only wear white socks. But girl socks are so many different colors and patterns and I simply cannot keep up. And then I found out that I don't have to. They cane wear any socks they want and they don't have to match, and I don't look like a bad mom.

This was incredible news!

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