Saturday, February 06, 2016

Breaking all the rules

We are letting Scrubs break all the rules.

If he ends up living longer than we think, we will have a lot of bad habits to correct. And I'm perfectly okay with that. I, honestly, am loving being able to let him do all the things we never let him do. He's eating food out of our hands in the kitchen and laying on the couch and having snacks all day long.

Another rule breaker? Scrubs has never been allowed to put his paws on people laps. (We had to start this when he was little because he was so energetic, he would literally jump on top of adults when they would come to the house. We also had really little kids so we had to be careful that he didn't climb on them.)

Anyways, normally, Scrubs comes up to a sitting adult and just puts his head and as much as of his chest onto people as he can. But here he is getting some mega-attention from Grampa and the kids. Grampa K. is one of his very favorite people. (If I am being honest, I think he likes him as much as me.) Aside from JB and me, Scrubs most loves Grampa and his friend Shane.

Here's a video I got. I am loving capturing these moments. I will treasure them forever.

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