Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Superhero & Lego Homeschool ***UPDATED ***

I am working at collecting any and all superhero-based homeschooling activities for my five-year-old six and seven year old boys. If anyone has any additional ones, I'd be most obliged to you sharing them with me! I plan to return to this page and update it to oblivion! UPDATED!!!


Homeschool packets:
Superhero Mini Unit
Superhero Pre-K Pack
Superhero Kindergarten Math Pack
Batman Preschool Pack
Spiderman Unit (Biblically Based)
Superhero Unit Study: Lesson Ideas that Pack a Punch!
Superheroes Kindergarten Pack
Superhero Unit

Marvel Heroes: Second Grade (Math Made Easy)
Math Made Easy: Superman: Third Grade
Math made Easy: Marvel Heroes: Fourth Grade
Math Made Easy: Batman: Fifth Grade
Extended Superhero booklist

Coloring sheets & Activity Packets
Captain America Printables 

The Physics of Superheroes


Pre-K Math
What ninja is missing?
Lego alphabet cards (Thanks Leina!)
Learning with Lego -- 100 Amazing Ideas (Thanks Leina!)
Book of Matthew Lego Unit
Lego Math
Lego Math Curriculum
(Something we purchased)
Vertical Lego Board

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