Thursday, February 18, 2016

Review: God Bless our Country

When I became aware of the opportunity to review this book, I was very excited. First because my sons both love Bald Eagles. (Like they are obsessed with them.) And secondly because I realized we really don't have any books which encourage a patriotic feeling for our country. We don't have anything that excites us about living in the USA. And especially after living overseas for many years, I am more than convinced what a great country it is we live in.

God Bless our Country by Hannah C. Hall has a soft "puffy" cover which I always like. It creates a very sturdy book. The pages too, are very sturdy. I love books that will stand the test of time. Inside, the colors and drawings are well done and attractive. Each page contains a short, four line rhyme reminding us of the wonderful things about America.

I help my grandpa raise the flag.
We bow and fold our hands.
I stand with pride by Grandpa's side.
We thank God for this land.

I've got a spot high in the sky
As drums book big and loud.
We yell and cheer so all can hear.
Our country makes us proud.

While a few of the rhymes could be considered borderline corny, the sweetness of the images on each page really attract the reader. I read it with each of my four children and we thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are looking for a book to remind children to be thankful for the great USA, this is a fantastic option. provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. 

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