Saturday, February 27, 2016

We Bought a Farm: All By Myself

I am sitting at my computer and there is not a SINGLE OTHER PERSON IN MY HOUSE.

JB had the 7am-4pm shift today. He got home an hour late. This doesn't happen often, but if he feels he can't release a patient or if there is a call he is waiting on, he may have to stay late.

(The fact that he gets paid hourly instead of salary like when he was in the military makes this so much easier to tolerate!)

He decided to drive his truck over to move the sheep and pigs and check on the five chickens who live at Grampa and Grama's house.

All four kids wanted to go with him. (They love riding in the truck around the farm.)

So not only are the kids and JB out and about, but my in-laws are out of town. This means that it is just me in the house ... all by myself.

Oh and the dog is here. (Only because the animals need moving and he can't be out when the pigs and sheep are moved because he will distract them.)

As I sat here, typing away (I often get many Blog posts done in bulk when I have free time), I started genuflecting, and I realized something ...

I have never been in my house all by myself for.


Oh I'm sure I've been in the house when the kids are playing outside. That doesn't count. I'm still in charge. I mean that I do not think I have ever been in my house without at least one child under my care. JB has taken three kids somewhere before while Hannah is napping perhaps. But outside of that, I do not know that I have ever not been in charge of at least one child while in my home.

It's exhilarating.

(And honestly a little bit scary!)

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