Wednesday, February 17, 2016

We Bought a Farm: Scrubby Update

It has now been one week since we had Scrubs' abdomen drained. It is refilling slowly but surely. This is such a challenging thing. Not only does it cost a lot of money to get his stomach drained, but it is only a temporary fix for a terminal problem. He always has to go under anesthesia to have it drained which you don't want to do too regularly. However, Scrubs is still ... completely and unequivocally himself. I spoke with the vet. She figured out a way to trim a little bit of the cost off of the procedure for us by cutting out some extra tests they were doing. We are going to try to wait until the very last minute to get him re-drained. This may mean he is struggling to breathe a bit and having difficult moving or scratching. We were initially hoping he could make it a month, but right now we are hoping for three weeks. The longer we can wait, the less frequently we have to do it.  We have no idea how long this could go on. How many times can we drain him before things catch up with him. Right now we know that if we tried to take him to the vet and put him down, neither of us would make it in the door. He isn't close to not enjoying life yet. 

And so ... we enjoy another day with him. He goes and does the animals with us anytime we open the door. He takes a jog over to Grampa and Grama's house every day (even right now while they are out of town.) He asks for treats regularly and now, because we've broken every rule we've ever had, hovers around us in the kitchen and even gets leftovers on paper plates! He also continues to love sleeping on the big comfy chair in the school room.

It's been 17 days since we were told Scrubby would die soon. 17 wonderful days we've spent together!


Anonymous said...

I just love this pup so much. Really pulling for him.


Anonymous said...

Good boy, Scrubs! Still hoping for the best journey possible, in spite of the inevitable outcome...


Nancy Gritter said...

Thinking of you all...this is a tough one, for sure...sounds like you( and he) are enjoying every wonderful moment! He has been such a special member of the family!Scrubs, enjoy all those special treats!