Monday, February 01, 2016


I knew, when potty-training my first strong-willed child that potty-training would go either HORRIBLY or FANTASTICALLY. I knew, with Hannah, it was unlikely that there would be any inbetween with her.

I decided I would try it for two days. If it was a total bust, and she was fighting me and refusing, I would just scrap it and retry it in another three months. I was not going to lose sleep over this. Especially when she isn't quite 2.5.

The chick is potty-trained.

Thirty-six hours after beginning, and it appears she has it down. She had two accidents before figuring it out. Since then, she hasn't wet again. She is staying dry, asking to sit on the potty, going, putting underwear back on and acting like she has been doing this her whole life.

Of course this is only day 3. I totally know she could change her mind, but for now .... it appears it is working!

Fingers crossed ...

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