Wednesday, February 10, 2016

We Bought a Farm: It was Minnesota cold today

It was frigid here today. In the teens. At one point, as we pushed through the wind to go and feed the animals, JB laughed and said, "I thought we left Minnesota." 

It was Minnesota cold today.

But the good news is, it won't stay that way like Minnesota did.

I had on so many layers, I really can't even remember what I was wearing, but it was at least three layers of pants and four layers of shirts/coats. I actually had on a series of four hat/scarf combos. A desperate attempt to stay warm which barely did the job.

In the midst of that, JB and his dad tried to move our new egg mobile into its place in the pasture but both of their trucks got stuck. I headed out to help. The bad news was, I finished the attempt looking like this:

The good news? We got one truck out.

Thankful ... again ... for Mr. Billy and his tractor which dislodged the other truck and the egg mobile.

(Stay tuned! JB is writing a post on this! It's a really nice little house!)

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