Sunday, October 20, 2013

What was I thinking?

Around these parts, people freeze half-n-half and cheese sticks. If you find something on Base that you really want, you have to buy it right then. And if you really, really like that item, you need to buy a lot of it. Especially an item like candy corn which is an American treat and celebrated on an American holiday. (I've never seen these Candy Corn on any other country's economy. Correct me fellow world travelers if I am wrong.)
I found a fall homeschool counting activity for the boys the other day that requires Candy Corn. I tried the Commissary (small grocery store), BX (small KMart) and, upon the advice of fellow military spouses on our Facebook's Spouses page, the Shoppette (convenience and liquor store and barber/hair salon). No one has Candy Corn. Usually, these three locations carry entirely different items to sort of create three different shopping opportunities. And in fact, my fellow spouses were correct. It was the Shoppette that did have Candy Corn. But they had sold out.
I decided to try a new product instead:

I thought they just looked like Candy Corn in color. But in fact they taste like Candy Corn.

Side note: Abigail successfully did um, not-pee-pee in the potty and I needed a reward so I pulled these out and gave them to her and tried them at the same time. (We aren't actually potty-training yet, but since Abigail is continually hiding behind the same chair, have decided if we can catch her in action, we might be able to teach her this. We'll see.)

So Candy Corn M&M's. A bit ... odd, but I think good. Anyone else try them? What do you think?

And yes, I'm sad about having fall without Candy Corn. Maybe I'll get lucky and get some when the boys trick-or-treat!


animalcrackerkat said...

Candy Corn are my favorite! I hadn't even tried to find them yet. If I see them suddenly in stock, I'll grab a bag for you.

Lisa Cronk said...

Ah! If I had known you were missing candy corn, I would have thrown some in the box. It should be arriving soon...I sent it a week or so ago.
: ) Lisa

Wendi Kitsteiner said...

Thanks Katherine. That'd be awesome. Same here.

And no worries, Lisa. 'TIs the life here. THANK YOU for sending a box our way. WE LOVE MAIL! I'll let you know when it comes in.

Dana said...

I haven't seen these M & Ms anywhere around here in SC. I love candy corn and M&Ms but for some reason this combo seems like it might be gross! But then again sometimes the strangest combinations are pretty good. Not sure if your description of "odd, but I think good" is enough of an endorsement to convince me try them!

Momma, PhD said...

I picked some up the other day. I like them! What I really want to try but cannot find anywhere are pumpkin spice M&Ms.