Monday, October 14, 2013

Duck Lake: Part II

JB found a blackberry bush at the top of the hill. As he spotted it, the kids came running. Isaac loved them, but in typical Isaac style, approached them gently and at his own pace. Sidge went running at them, discovered he didn't like how they tasted too much, but wanting to keep picking them, decided to bring them to other people to eat. And Abigail, as usual, went crazy eating them. This is how she is in JB's garden with tomatoes as well. We usually have to drag her away from them. And this time we did too! I thought it quite cute, how she quickly followed JB's lead and understood that the red ones weren't ripe and that it was the black ones she wanted to eat. Here are some pictures of our blackberry expedition. (Click here to see Part I of our adventures.)

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