Sunday, October 27, 2013

A daylight savings time rhyme

FYI -- Portugal celebrates Daylight Savings Time this weekend -- a week earlier than the USA!

Dear child,

Last night was daylight savings time
And a secret you must keep.
This time of year, we fall back
(That’s one hour more of sleep)!

 So while the clock said six a.m.

Your normal time to wake
(which we already think is way too early
For goodness sake …)

It’s actually only five a.m.
And still real dark outside!
So if you would pretend with us
And just get on our side …

We could all sleep sweet one hour more
And in our house? What a gift.
But only if our little lambs
Would back to sleep you’d drift.

We discussed this much the night before
But each year you fail to get it.
Next year could you try again …
Maybe just a little bit?

Sleep for you may not mean much
That we really get
But dad and me? we’re a bit behind
We’ve quite a large sleep debt!

You’ve been worth the sleepless nights
That’s why we wrote this rhyme,
But a little extra sleep is all we ask
Next daylight savings time!

Wendi Kitsteiner

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