Saturday, October 26, 2013

Facebook & Ray Fam

Our great friend Ron & his youngest son Cole
The Ray family and us go way back. To Kentucky before we were married. To Minnesota for Medical School. To daughter #1 going to high school where I taught. To daughter #2 living with us in Turkey.
They've been featured on my blog from the very beginning in posts like Ray kids spend weekend with Kits, And on this post, I flashback to our ties to their family as Veronica prepared to move to Turkey.
The Rays are just a fun family. One thing they do, constantly, is talk to employees. A lot. Be it at restaurants or grocery stores, they make small talk with everyone. Keep that in mind and read on ... Ron posted this on Facebook, and it was just too funny not to share!
Here's the end of the story:
Her: F*** OFF!
Me: You too! Have a nice day! [with a genuine smile]

The rest of the story:
So my son Cole and I went to the mall for a couple of things. While we were there we decided to get dinner at the food court. We're standing in line at Subway. [SIDE NOTE*** part of being a Ray is to strike up a conversation with the people who help us at stores and restaurants......we all do it...all the time] So, Cole starts a convo with our sandwich artist. Here's what happened next:

Cole: [to sandwich artist] you like working here?
Sandwich Artist (SA): Yeah. It's a pretty good j...
Random Strange Lady (RSL): THAT WAS RUDE!!
Me & Cole: [to each other] WHAT?!
RSL: Why would you ask that? That was rude.
Me: [to RSL] No...he was just making conversation...we do it all the time...
[to SA] Did you think that was rude? Were you offended?
SA: No! Not at all!
RSL: Well she has to say she likes it...she's on the clock.
Cole: NOPE! People tell me all the time they don't like their job.
SA: [to Cole] You want that toasted?
RSL: Well you shouldn't ask that. That's [wait for it]........retarded.
[Lie alert: the next statement I made was a total lie...sorry]
Me: Now THAT'S RUDE!!! I have another child that's mentally challenged!
RSL: Well good for you for having one...
[awkward silence by all]
SA: That'll be $12.62
Me: Are you 100% sure we didn't offend you?
SA: No! Not at all. Not one bit!
Me: [to RSL] time mind your own business.
RSL: F*** OFF!
Me: You too! Have a nice day [with a genuine smile]
Cole: What just happened?

Based on her mildly slurred speech and beet red, blood shot eyes, I'm pretty sure RSL was under some chemical influence. It was all pretty surreal. Cole and I couldn't stop laughing about it.

So there's that...

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Beth said...

As a parent of a child with special needs...THANK YOU! For standing up for people with special needs, for understanding that words are important and certain words are hurtful, for handling it with grace, and humor. And thank you for sharing the made me laugh out loud!