Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Funnies

My mother-in-law recently defined boy for me:

Boy: Noise with Dirt on it


Boys are ... so interesting. While I am and always was a tomboy, I still don't really understand the way a boy thinks. I don't understand dressing up as superheroes and turning anything they can into a sword or a gun.

I have decided to begin compiling a list of things my boys have said to me that I never thought I'd hear. Things that, while a girl could say them, are just quintessentially, a little boy phenomena. Things like:

Sidge: "Look at this bug I found Mommy. And I didn't kill it."
Sidge: "Could I let my fingernails grow long enough to go through the walls of the house?"
Isaac: "Why are the clothes dirty? I only wore them for one day."

I'm also going to compile a list of things I never thought I'd say to my kiddos. Things that while I could say them to a girl, are things that just fit a little boy. Things like:

Me: "Please don't step on your brother!"
Me: "No, the toilet does magnetically pull your pee-pee onto it. You need to steer better."

Stay tuned as this list grows.

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