Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wee-wind Wednesday: The Hair Post

Everyone keeps talking about Hannah's hair. They all want to know much hair did her brothers and sisters have? Does her hair amount and color compare?
Well, let's flashback, shall we?
Big brother Isaac is obviously not genetically related. But still. Here is a picture of him at about two months old. Not even close to Hannah's full head of hair (at birth!) This was just about two weeks after we found out we were expecting Elijah!
And here is big brother Elijah "Sidge." His hair was a bit darker but not even comparable in length either.
 We often joke about the fact that Hannah has more hair, now, at one month, than big sister Abigail did at a year old! Here is a picture of Abigail right after we moved to the Azores. (She was about to turn one.)
And here is Hannah at a few days old. She obviously takes the cake for amount and color!

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