Monday, October 21, 2013


Since the Base is no longer showing "new" movies (which even when it did, they were weeks or months old), they have started showing old movies via requests. They are also allowing anyone to rent out the entire theater for fifty bucks! You can bring in any digital movie you want, pay fifty dollars, get unlimited popcorn and drinks, and invite as many people as you want! Seriously? My whole family couldn't go to a movie in the States for much less than that.
This past Saturday, a friend invited us to watch Cinderella with her three year old little girl (who arrived in complete princess attire! It was Abigail's first movie, and the first time the boys had seen Cinderella. We had a great time. The boys aren't in love with princesses, but it kept their attention. (Although Sidge kept asking me, "Does it have a lot or a little left?" and I couldn't figure out whether that was because he wanted there to be a lot or a little left!) Abigail did well as long as she was being fed, and Hannah was either eating or sleeping the entire time. We definitely need to take advantage of this awesome opportunity again before we leave the Base next Summer.

We followed up our movie with a step by Outdoor Recreation. They were putting on a Pirates of the Caribbean mini-theatre which the kids could participate in a saving the damsel in distress from the Redcoats. Our boys enjoyed, albeit timidly, watching. They really liked when the jewels and doubloons came flying from the ceiling tiles. But they weren't interested in participating themselves. (We are really careful to not push them to participate in activities that they do not want to play a part in. We present the opportunities but don't put a guilt trip on them when it feels too intimidating. )

Very fun Saturday!

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