Sunday, October 13, 2013

Duck Lake (Part I)

On Saturday, we decided to take advantage of forecasted good weather up to the Duck Pond with JB's mom and the kiddos. I wore Hannah in the Ergo (which I LOVE) and took these photos. First up? The ducks, eagerly greeting us as we pulled into the parking lot across the street!

JB is so smart! I had purchased about a dozen boxes of "Toasted O's" cereal (generic cheerios) at a case lot sale on Base. They were like, a dollar for 12 boxes. But they don't taste that great, and we still have about six boxes. So he brought these with to feed the ducks. Easy to grab, easy to throw, yummy for the ducks, and cheap for us.

I wish you could hear Abigail in this photo. JB is saying: "Who wants to feed the ducks?" And Abigail is running in, hand raised, shouting, "Baby. Baby. Baby." (She still calls herself baby. The new baby is also "baby". This gets confusing sometimes.)

My boys love so many of the same things (Superheroes and ice cream to name a few.) But they are so very different in so many ways too. Sidge insisted on wearing his rain jacket. (It was quite chilly when we started out.) But Isaac wanted no part of it. (He'll avoid a jacket until he has no choice but to put one on.) I inherited these jackets from Carla's boys when they left the island. I love them because they are lined rain coats. Not very many places where heavy rain coats are needed -- but this island is one of the few!

Baby wants some of those Toasted O's please.

I'll get those ducks yet!

When Sidge sat down at the top of this slide, he said, "I wonder if these are fast or slow pants." Halfway down the slide he remarked, "Slow pants." And boy, were they ever! 

Isaac is learning how to pump! It's a nice day when your kids no longer need a push on the swing. But a bit sad too.

While we were playing on the swings, some cows were being moved from field to field. (A common occurrence in the Azores.) You can see the tractor at the very back inching them along.)

JB was hoping to find some edible mushrooms. But alas, only non-edible were to be found. I love that the kids know they can only eat things when Daddy gives them permission.

Abigail showing off one of the mushrooms Daddy found them.

Sidge smelling the new found mushrooms.

Here they are up close.

We decided to walk up a long staircase that lead to a Chapel at the top of a hill. This picture cracks me up. This is me saying to Abigail as I trotted behind her, "I'm gonna pinch your buns." She would yell "NO!" do this, and march faster.

Check out the shoes Carla! (A hand-me-down from Max.)

A sweet picture of my little girl. She is most at peace outside with her Daddy.

The Chapel at the top of the hill. 

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