Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday Funnies

Me: "Where does God live?"
Sidge: "In heaven."
Me: "Where else?"
Sidge: "In our hearts."
Me: "Right!"
Sidge: "Where is my heart."
Me: "It's right there." [points to it on his chest]
Sidge: "Is that what we check for with our telescope?"
Me: "You mean stethoscope?"
Sidge: "Yeah. And if it's not beating, then, we're dead?"
I've been trying to capture a "conversation with Sidge" so that those of you who don't know him personally could see how every day with this kid is. He talks non-stop (wonder who he got THAT from?) and uses his hands and whole body for every conversation (wonder who he got THAT from?)


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