Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Candycorn Math Pack

A few days after I posted on the Lajes Spouses page on Facebook that I couldn't find candy corn on the island, someone found it! They posted a picture of it and directions with how to get there! Check it out:

I found the store the next day. Apparently, it's a popular place for Americans, but I had never even heard of the place! Don't know what rock I've been under. Either way, I love that these are called "American Candies." They definitely are a piece of exclusively American culture!

We were able to do our candy corn match activity this morning thanks to this find. It was very fun. The boys had a ball. The only hard part was, they only had three bags of the candy left when I got there. The bags were tiny. So I really had to limit the amount of eating of the candy that we did while participating in the activity. 

Oh and Abigail? She just cried the entire time because she wasn't getting to eat the candy. I could not explain to her that this was for a school assignment, and she had to wait until they were done to eat!

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