Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday Funnies (a day late)

I told Isaac I had an upset stomach. "How can a stomach be upset?" he asked. "Doesn't upset mean crying?"
Isaac: "Mommy how do you feed Hannah?"
Me: "What do you mean?"
Isaac: "How do you feed her just by holding her?"
Me: "Well I give her milk."
Isaac: "By holding her?"
Me: "Ummmm .... let me go get Daddy. This is a good question for him." (This I do.)
Isaac: "Daddy how does Mommy feed Hannah?"
JB: "She gives her milk."
Isaac: "How?"
JB: "Well, remember we went to the farm and we milked the cow?"
Isaac: "Yeah."
JB: "Mommies can do that too. They can give milk."
Isaac: "From by their belly button?"
JB: "Well no. From their nipples."
Isaac: "What is a nipple?"
JB: "You have them. See. They are right there." (Lifts Isaac's shirt to show him.) Mommies have those and they can feed milk."
Isaac: "Hmmm."
JB: "Is that silly?'
Isaac: "Hey Daddy?"
JB: "Yes?"
Isaac: "Can we go to the Red Café for ice cream tomorrow?"
Grama taught the boys all about the Mayflower. When I asked the boys to tell me the name of the ship, Sidge remembered that it was May something so he said, "It was the May seven."

I reminded him that May seven was Isaac's birthday not the name of the ship.

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