Sunday, October 06, 2013

Hannah: One Month Old

I decided to do our monthly photos a little differently this time. We are going to do them sibling-style so as to see how Hannah grows in comparison to her siblings. (Thank you, by the way, to my buddy Stebbins, for bringing me over to the "sticker side" of month-by-month pics.) That being the case, we have to choose our official photo via percentages. Which photo has a percentage of most successful children's faces. Via percentage, this is the winner:

However, since these photos are sort of about Hannah, the photo below was the most successful one featuring the one-month old star. (You can see Abigail sportin' her 'tude in this photo. She's obviously mad at Sidge about something.)

And here's the blow-up of the successful photo. She looks a bit grumpy but she (a) is not crying and (b)  has her eyes open and (c) you can see the one month sticker. So that makes it a good photo.

Sometimes you et a photo that you love of one kid. In this photo below, I absolutely love Abigail. But I couldn't choose it since the other three kids weren't even close to winning.

 And then you get a photo that just makes you laugh. Hannah, is obviously falling over in this picture. And Sidge is just being difficult.

I mean, seriously, what a cute photo (if the rest of her siblings could have conformed.)

And sometimes, not choosing a photo is relatively simple. This one loses because of a variety of factors, including the fact that Scrubs, who we were going to try to get in the photo, decided to get up and walk out halfway through. Sidge needs to fix Hannah's sticker. Isaac is close to dropping her. And Abigail has decided to poke her in the face.

So there you have it. One month old photos (with four children.)


Unknown said...

What awesome pictures!! That little Abigail is priceless with her sweet smiles and her girly ways!... and of course her sister is as precious as can be!! I am afraid these little girls are gonna upstage their handsome brothers most of the time!! But I love to see BIG brother holding her and all the love that is shown between these little ones!Thanks for sharing!!How time flies, huh?! :) N

Anonymous said...

Sooo good and sooo funny! Wendi, I just love watching your family grow so much! Love, Julie

Amy T. S. said...

Eek! So cute!