Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fall Fest

There's not one single pumpkin patch on this island!
Not even a fake one.
Oh how all these Facebook posts with pictures of pumpkin patches makes me miss: Jackson's Orchard -- our favorite Kentucky patch. I didn't grow up around apple cider and pumpkins. I was a South Floridian, absent of tradition and void of seasonal changes. But take me to college and plant my college basketball team in a pumpkin patch for a picture, and I was hooked forever.
At least our Commissary thought well enough of us to ship some pumpkins in so we can at least sort of feel like we aren't thousands of miles away from home. We let each of the kids pick out a pumpkin, and away we went ...
Daddy, the former graphic designer, was the sole person behind this. He let each kid decide what kind of face they wanted on their pumpkins, and then he did the carving.

Abigail wanted a happy face. She was actually the most picky about her design, nixing many of JB's designs with her little, "Noooooo."

Here is the finished product: A silly face for Sidge, Happy for Abigail, and mad for Isaac. I think I'll remember this picture forever!


June said...

Good on ya, JB! I carved a detailed pumpkin some years ago (using a pumpkin kit with those teeny tiny serrated knives), and by the time I was finished with a single one, my hand was just aching. Great stamina, to keep going for 3 pumpkins!

Heather said...

Love these pics. Thanks for sharing them Wendi!

Gabbi said...

I liked that place we went to in Minnesota, too...... The apple orchard with the hay rides and corn maze. That was nice.