Thursday, October 17, 2013

The big little sister

Hannah will have a story to tell as she grows up.
It will go something like this.
While visibly younger than her three preceding siblings, she is actually the oldest. We aren't sure exactly when she was conceived as we can't be sure whether she was part of our first or second round of IVF, but, for argument's sake, we'll guess sometime around 2005.
Her siblings? Conception would have been 2007, 2008 and 2010.
So when the arguments ensue, as I am sure they will, Hannah can climb upon her soapbox and let them have it.
"Listen here big brother Isaac. Forget shotgun based on being the oldest. We all know who the real  oldest is in the family."
"And Sidge. You may be bigger, but let's not forget that I am the oldest sister."
"Oh and Abigail. Goodness knows you are going to claim big sister status. But let's not forget that you weren't even a blip on Mom and Dad's radar when I came into the world."
If we want to get technical, she's even older than the first child in this family.
Scrubs' date is 2007.
And ... not only is she the oldest, but she is, actually, the most expensive too. Let's not even get into how much IVF cost us.
While Isaac was adopted and therefore quite expensive, the adoption credit allowed us to have much of it reimbursed.
Sidge was by far the cheapest.
Abigail was born in Germany. Not a cheap endeavor.
But Hannah. On top of being an IVF-baby, we had to fly to the USA to bring her into this world.
She takes the oldest and the most expensive slot with ease.
This chick may be little -- but watch out world!

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Erica Holycross said...

Congratulations!! I'm unbelievably happy for you to have her. I have been empowered by all your struggles that you have worked through with God. It is the hardest thing in the military to find such a great Christian woman such as yourself.
I really miss MOPS with you.