Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Seven months old

Well as I mentioned a few months back, we've started celebrating our January 31st birthday boy on the first of every month since there isn't a 31 in every month. It seems to work well. And that would make September 1st the day to celebrate seven months for Elijah. Here are some highlights of his current life:
  • Eating nearly any type of baby food
  • Eating some puffs and soft foods; doesn't gag like his big brother did
  • Rolling and crawling but can't sit up from a lying down position yet
  • Grabs everything especially his big brother when he comes in range
  • Loves to be kissed and hugged
  • Loves to grab Mom's glasses and rip them off her face
  • Does not like to be left alone
  • Likes to change activities about every 15 minutes
  • Very "spastic" -- splashes in the tub like a mad man, hits things, slaps at things, moves his exersaucer across the floor
  • Taking three naps a day of varying lengths; no longer crying when he goes down for naps
  • Sleeping from about 7:30pm until 6:00am every night
  • Ready to move into a big-boy car seat any day -- it's been ordered -- finally
  • Starting to discover Scrubs -- will grab him if he is within reach


TAV said...

i had a parent ask me about their 1 month old yesterday, "what's the earliest you've seen a baby walk?" i thought of isaac. and i bet elijah will be walking soon enough :) this family is aiming for 9 mo!

Lady di said...

Wendi walked really early....I think she was about 7 months when she walked across the room to see what food I had on my plate. That doesn't seem possible now when I look at the boys but Wendi always was amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...


What car seat did you get? I know researches those things. We need to by one for Charleigh in the next month or so. I miss you. Can't wait for you to be here.