Saturday, March 21, 2009

Turkey Creek & A Clean House

In celebration of the conclusion of two weeks of nights, my amazingly wonderful Mother kicked all of us out of the house so that she could CLEAN it for us. I argued for a few days about this until I finally realized I wasn't going to win. And besides, I had to admit that the idea of spending time with my three favorite guys while my house was cleaned was mighty appealing.

JB took about a three hour nap when he got home from work and then we headed out. He'll try to stay awake all day today so that he can flip his sleep back around again. We picked up some BBQ and headed to Turkey Creek for a very relaxing walk on the boardwalk. Afterwards, we ran a few errands and then returned home to a really clean house! How awesome is that?!

It is very bitter sweet to see my Mom leave. I know that she needs to get back to my Dad and that we need to start doing things on our own. However, her presence here over the last two weeks was so comforting and helpful. Me and the boys (including Scrubs) will really miss her. We love you Grama Di!


TAV said...

Your mom can come stay with me ANYtime :)

AW said...

Mom H...have you ever wanted to adopt a little stumpy-legged Japanese Texan girl for another daughter? I'd totally stand out in your family and there'd be a ton of questions, but I'm little and I don't eat much!

Okay, I lied...I'm little, but I do eat a lot. But there are advantages to being able to sleep on the tiny loveseats in the house. You'd also get two more adorable grandboys and a wonderful son-in-law that might give JB a run for his money. :-)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YAY! Moms are the BEST! Gotta love the Turkey Creek! :)

I love days like this..."little things" that are so fun with our fam!

I love you and hope we see you all soon! :)
****and if your mom wants to clean some more.....give my address!

Anonymous said...

I'm saying a special prayer for you today...I know it's going to be hard to say good bye to your Mama...what a wonderful blessing she is...even to your blog readers! And what a wise reminder she gave you (and to all of us that read your blog) that God meets our needs one day at a time (AKA manna).
I just read something about worry that may be a help...I know it was to me!

Anonymous said...

You all are so sweet! Monkey Momma, I would love to adopt you. You are welcome here. I would love more grandbabies but not so sure there is another JB. I think I really don't want to clean too much anymore. I can hardly believe that for about 12 years I did that every day...sometimes 2 houses a day. Now I do a couple hours and my back rebels!! It feels good to be home. I think I'm going to bed now. (sorry Wen)
It was an awesome 2 weeks. I will sure miss my boys!

Jess said...

Ooooh, niiice!!