Tuesday, March 24, 2009

(Not so) Funny

Funny is Scrubs, falling asleep with his head under the coffee table. Loud noise. Scrubs wakes up. But Scrubs forgets head is under the coffee table. Scrubs clunks head. Hard. Of course Scrubs doesn't appear concerned at all and still goes to discover the source of the loud noise. I don't think he ever figured out that it was a bomb being tested somewhere in the wilderness of Eglin Air Force Base. Is it mean to laugh at your dog for hitting his stubborn head on a table?

Not so funny is washing your cell phone. That isn't really funny at all. Phone didn't like being washed. Not one little bit. Phone is broken forever. Still have to make a trip to T-mobile to find out if memory card survived the wash. The good news is, we still have JB's phone from when we used to each have a phone. Hoping memory card in my phone is alive and can be slipped into JB's phone. A broken memory card would be even less funny then a broken phone.


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing once. Washed my coat, with cell phone in pocket. Not so good!! They don't seem to like water too much!! LOL

Joy Z said...

I think it is entirely appropriate to laugh at dogs who bump their heads! Especially if they didn't seem bothered by it anyways. :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Yes...laughing at dogs is ok!
Phone...is it all apart drying? I washed one, dropped one in water....you name it but if I quickly got it apart and the card out to dry it or at least the card would survive!
Sorry to hear about your phone!

ReBenMyers said...

Oh I so know that feeling and you are so right, NOT FUNNY!!! It is also not funny having your phone thrown away by hospital staff. Lost forever and no one really seemed concerned. I feel for you and I am concerned.