Saturday, March 14, 2009

Half way done

JB is halfway done with his two weeks of nights! Of course last night was one of his roughest nights of all. He is now home and in bed. However, we did have time for a quick family photo before he turned in for the morning. As you can tell, he is quite popular when he gets home. In fact, this morning, Scrubs and Isaac both went crazy when they saw him drive up. Scrubs went so crazy he jumped the ottoman (a big no-no) and then jumped OVER Isaac to get to JB first (a very big no-no!)

We also realized that our little "spider monkey" Elijah not only has some long arms and legs but some pretty good size feet as well. Take a look at this photo below:

Today is also a day to celebrate! Elijah is six weeks old. This means that Mom (aka ... me) is six weeks past her c-section and now able to begin participating in regular activities like going for a walk (which I did yesterday -- it was glorious!) and vacuuming (bummer!) Elijah decided to celebrate as well by going EIGHT hours in between feedings last night. You go little dude!

Overall, I am feeling pretty good. I am definitely not back to the pre-pregnancy Wendi but everyday I feel better and better. We also found a Walgreens that has the antibiotic we need. I ventured out with Isaac while my Mom stayed with Elijah to pick up the antibiotic and visit Target.

One problem with having JB sleep during the day is that he wants it very cool when he sleeps. This isn't a problem when you are sleeping too. But when you are awake and FREEZING it is a bit frustrating! Another reason he needs to hurry up and finish nights up.

Having my Mom here for nights has been WONDERFUL! I honestly could not have done it without her here.

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Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

SOOOOOOOOO glad you found your meds!
Love the family pic.
8 hours!!!!! Way to g Elijah!