Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More than half way done!

Monday night was JB's sixth of ten nights on call! That means we are now more than halfway through nights!

Isaac decided to celebrate by taking four steps. Even better, he saved the steps for a moment that JB was actually awake and home at the same time. Wendi decided to celebrate by cooking some dinner. Granted it was pizza casserole which requires nothing more than five ingredients and the ability to read a recipe card. However, the fact that nothing burned and it was actually edible is a major accomplishment and worthy of celebration itself.

Mom is such an angel. She agreed to watch both boys and Scrubs while I got a haircut and highlight. I have to admit it was kind of nice to get out of the house in my empty mini-van and spend a couple hours chatting with Tiffany D. from church while she attempted to fix what many months of negligence had created. She did a great job and I feel incredibly happy to finally, after over a year and a half here on Eglin, to have finally found a hair dresser instead of always waiting until I go back to Fort Lauderdale for a visit to get my hair done.

Mom held down the fort flawlessly. Elijah took his second-ever bottle. Mom discovered that the presence of the bottle doesn't sit very well with big brother. Why is there a bottle being given to little brother?! Bottles are what Isaac drinks!

Maybe it is a bit of sleep deprivation, but I found myself drawn back to the post I wrote on unmade beds. Man you guys came through with some incredibly interesting comments! I've decided that making the bed is actually interesting enough to warrant a Part B so I can comment on so many of your comments. I'd write that Part B right now if it wasn't for the fact that it is now 9pm, and I am preparing to feed Elijah and head to that unmade bed. But stay tuned everyone . . .

Oh and is anyone else watching American Idol? Survivor and AI are the only two shows I am currently watching. Danny, Megan, and Lil' are currently my three favorites. Anyone else watching with me?


Anonymous said...

Let's see a picture of that new "do".

Erica said...

I am watching American Idol!! I am also watching Dancing with the Stars this season because there are SO many familiar faces on there, unlike most years where they have like a soap opera star from 1982, as if they are a "star" or something. I am so mad at myself for watching two shows right now too because I find myself not wanting to miss it, so my whole schedule ends up revolving around a dumb show!!! What Idol contestant are you loving??

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

YEP...wanna see the do!
Gotta love Tiff!
I missed you b/c the post was "late"!!!
Not watching any TV.