Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thanks Mary!

My Mother's coworker Mary made a blanket for each of our sons when they were born -- a blue one for Isaac and a white one for Elijah. I have been meaning to take a photo of the boys with their blankets but being as that requires planning, forethought, balance, precision, organization, and a host of other things I can't even think of right now, I have found myself saying, "Maybe tomorrow" nearly every day. I continue to watch Joia's blog and see all the photos of Moriah in a variety of outfits and think to myself: I want to be like Joia when I grow up!

Tonight I am going to a residency wives hangout night thingy and Elijah is going with me while Isaac stays with Grama and JB goes into the clinic for his second-to-last night of nights. I put Elijah in a new outfit from Becky (which she picked in honor of JB since it says "little explorer" on it). After I put it on him, I thought, that kind of matches what Isaac is wearing for play clothes. This lead to me saying: Maybe I could actually take this photo. With JB and my Mom there to help, we got it organized and a pretty decent photo was the result.

All right so this post got a lot lengthier than I was planning on it being. I write all this to say: THANKS MARY! WE LOVE THE BLANKETS!

P.S. Have to end this post with a BIG-TIME CONGRATULATIONS to Brandon & Kristen who get to stay at Mayo for five more, long, cold, wonderful, years. Great job Brandon!


Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Hey...I think that is an AWESOME photo. They are only 9 months apart in age and you are not a professional photographer, so JOB WELL DONE!

Yep...all of us want to be a little more organized when we grow up. I will second that sentiment! :)

Hope you have FUN tonight!

TAV said...

Great picture!!!

yuan family said...

Thanks Wendi! We are excited!

Anonymous said...

The boys look great Wendi, what gorgeous blankets Mary made, very nice.