Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I knew that

Picture it. Me, so excited about my new potato peeling discovery. (See previous post if you have no idea what I am talking about.) JB, waking up from his daytime sleep and wandering to the computer to catch up a week's worth of my blogs. Wendi waiting until JB finishes watching the potato peeling video. JB turning around. Wendi saying, "Isn't that the coolest thing?" JB nodding. Slowly.

And then JB says what we should have known he would say. "Wendi, that's how I always do my potatoes."



So much for some exciting new discovery. Not that I even peel potatoes. JB peels potatoes. I should have checked with him before I posted a discovery that has already been quite discovered. Oh well. Good for you though Lisa for giving it a try! At least I helped someone out there.

This daytime sleeping has confused me about more than just potatoes. I'm confused about how to regulate the temperature in our house. JB likes it cool when he sleeps. But this means that we are absolutely FREEZING while he is sleeping. I'm embarrassed to admit this because I truly am a quite an environmentally friendly girl, but I've actually succumbed to opening the windows in the living room area to warm us up while the air is on in the house. (The only people who would dare do this are families who don't pay for their own electric bills!) But what else is a girl to do!? I can't wear mittens in my own house.

JB continues to wander into the house each morning around 8am to a very excited Scrubs and Isaac. He tries to spend some quality time with us while my Mom takes Scrubs for a walk, but usually, within less than an hour, his eyes go glassy and his whole body starts to exude fatigue. He wanders back out of his room around 4:30pm still glassy eyed and groggy. I attempt to fill him on what I've done that day but but inevitably say something like, "It was a beautiful day," which causes JB to say something like, "I wouldn't know."

Today though, he actually got up a bit earlier and all of us except Elijah and my Mom took a walk over to the Bay. While Scrubs and Deuce romped in the grass, we enjoyed some beautiful seventy degree weather, cool breezes, and soft grass while the waves crashed up against the rocks. I think it made JB feel a bit human again, if only for a few moments.

Now if I can just find a moment to get a shower, I think I can get a bit closer to human as well.


Jess said...

Poor JB!! The messed up schedule has to stink.

LOL at the last bit. It's especially funny since I have not managed to shower today. :)

Blessed Blackman Bunch said...

Ah....the days of wondering when I would shower! :)

Just layer and let your hubby sleep!

I learned to layer a LONG time ago living with my hubby!