Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm baaaccckkk!!!

Well folks, you've been asking for my return, and today, I give my fans what they wanted ... me. Isaac John Kit.

I have so much to tell you all, and no idea where to begin.

Hmmmm ...

Well, let me start with the biggest news. My little brother Elijah turned eight weeks old on Saturday. And in celebration he decided to sleep through the night. He went to bed at 10pm and got up at 6am. Then last night, he did it again. This time he went from 9:30pm to 6:30am!I'm still not feeling this is very fair. I'm the big brother and I go to bed at 8pm! How does a little brother get to stay up later than me? Well, Daddy and Mommy insist that this is only temporary and these through-the-night sleeps are key to me getting to stay up later. I'll believe it when I see it.

Did I tell you all I have learned how to walk? I will do as many as ten steps by myself. I could do more, but right now, crawling is much faster. Man, I am a super fast crawler. You should see me. Open a door and I'll be there to crawl through in nanoseconds. This is especially difficult for Mommy when she is holding Elijah as she has to figure out how to get back out of the room with Elijah and me so as to not leave me alone in rooms that aren't completely baby-proofed. Today she resorted to picking me and Elijah up at the same time. That gave me a belly ache as she had to scoop me up under my armpits and squeeze my belly pretty hard to pick me up. She said it was a bad idea, and she doesn't plan to do it again. Anyways, I am a great crawler. My Daddy says I look like a rhinoceros when I crawl cuz' I stomp my little hands and feet so hard. They don't think I'm going to be known for my gracefulness. I think that's good because I am a boy! Duh!

Next topic. My favorite topic. The bathtub. Man, I looovvveee my baths. I could stay in there all night. Sometimes, however, when I get bored and am ready to get out, I have learned that if I do something in the bathtub, it makes everyone go crazy. Daddy yells, "Code brown" and pulls me out of the tub and sets me totally wet on the floor of the bathroom. Mommy comes running in to scoop up my toys and throw them in the sink to wash them. Then they bring bleach in and hose everything down while I crawl around completely naked in the bathroom. It's quite hilarious and a ton of fun. I've done it twice now. Two nights in a row. How cool am I?

All right so back to my new little baby brother. He's a pretty cool kid. My Grama Di taught me how to give him kisses. When I see him, I smack my lips, open my mouth wide, and turn away right before his forehead gets to me. That's how I kiss him. I also love to play with his toes. Mommy always says, "Gentle" when I come near him. I'm really trying to figure out what that means.

Another topic I love is Scrubby. Man that is one cool dog. He and I are becoming great pals. I have learned how to feed him from my high chair even though my Daddy and Mommy don't like this. I've also learned how to put toys in his mouth and put my face right next to his so that he'll lick me. I can't wait to get bigger so Scrubby and I can play more and more. Scrubs is super gentle with me and with my new baby brother.

My Mommy stays at home with us during the day. We do lots of fun things. We play with our toys in the living room a lot. We read books more and more because this is something I am enjoying more and more. We also go on a walk/run nearly everyday. I love this. I just sit there and watch everything and don't cry at all. Well, I cried that one time because Daddy drove by and said hi but didn't stop to walk with us. Sometimes we go over to the Bay so I can watch the doggies wrestle. Silly doggies! They are really funny together!

I'm not really talking much yet. I say, "hi" but I am not sure I know what it means. I say "Da da" too but to a lot of things, not just my Da Da. I also do sign language. I do the sign for "milk" and "all done" and "please". I am trying to learn "eat" and "thank you" also.

That's the extent of my life right now. I better get off of here and get back in my crib fast asleep before my Mommy sees that I have gotten away. Stay tuned for more in my life at a later date. And stay tuned for an Elijah journal at some point as well. He's nearly big enough to type now!

Bye everyone!


Jess said...

lol at the "gentle"'s so true. We always said "nice" to Ava when she went at Ethan, and woudln't you know it--pretty soon she was calling him Nice and thought it was his name! HA!

Hard to tell a 6 mo old to be nice, actually, and we were kinda stupid to try. :)

Isaac, you are one talented kiddo with your walking and typing and blogging!

Judy Woodford said...

VERY cute... and good writer, a lot like his Mom's style ;~}

Stacy said...

I cannot stop smiling as I read your blog. I came across it this weekend from someone who posted on my blog.

I struggled with infertility, had two miscarriages, in Oct God gave us our first miracle: a baby boy through a surprise adoption. And, today, I am 17 weeks pregnant. If you are interested you can read our story here:

And I drive a Saturn, live in Minnesota and am a journalism major.

So much of what you have written (particularly about finding out you were pregnant in the airport and all the emotions that went with that) I can identify with. Not to mention the many lessons learned from waiting on God's perfect timing.

I'll definitely be checking your blog on life with two little miracles so close together. Mine will be 11 months apart.

God is SO good and His miracles are always worth waiting for! Thank you for sharing your story.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Isaac, how you make me laugh; You such a funny boy!
And I am sure that thing in the tub,
Was not a tinker toy!

Joia said...

LOL.... loved the "Code Brown" incident... we've had several of those too! =)

Becky said...

I feel a little guilty saying this, but I was laughing out loud at the "code brown."

Also, I am glad to see the comment from Stacy. I have been reading her blog for about a month now and I had been thinking that I should tell you about her given the similarities between the two of you. So I hope the two of you "meet," I definitely think you could offer support to one another.

Anonymous said...

Great to read your update Wendi, your boys are just so cute

God bless
love SuzanneinAustralia HP

AW said...

Isaac, you are becoming such a beautiful little boy. I've LOVED seeing you grow! But now I wish you'd stop. This is a great stage of life to witness! You are too too cute.