Wednesday, March 15, 2017

She's 3.5

It was crazy hat day at co-op on Monday. Big surprise that only Hannah agreed to participate with me!

Hannah has recently figured out how to pull my shirts down from the hangers in my closet. They are up high! Always a new "thing" for her. This is becoming a problem.

I realized that I missed Hannah's big three and a half was on March 4. No big surprise. Life is flying by in these parts. I could write books and books on this chick and what she has done for my life, but let me summarize by saying this:

God humbled me when he gave me Hannah. He said to me: "You think you have figured out parenthood and have this thing down to a science. Be humbled. Here's Hannah."

She loves to talk to strangers and get into conundrums I didn't know where possible and go off on her own on the farm and tell me the most hilarious things. She has managed to perplex and overwhelm her father (and that is NOT easy to do). She has completed our family and is the perfect youngest sibling in our home. She'll definitely be able to hold her own in these parts as time goes on.

I absolutely adore this child. I love her spunk and spirit and zest for every single day. I love how when she falls asleep at night she looks like the most peaceful and chill kid you have ever seen. But that the moment she wakes up with her hair stuck all over the place, she only needs minutes before she is taking the world by storm again.

I LOVE YOU HANNAH JOY POMEGRANATE KITSTEINER. Thank you for being the one little embryo that came true.

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Anonymous said...

She is truly a unique and amazing young girl! I am still chuckling at the picture of her in your pink t-shirt with jewelry and the Spiderman mask! What a hoot! Such a special child - hand-picked indeed by our Heavenly Father who has such a keen sense of humor!

Julie Edgar