Saturday, March 11, 2017

One Day in the Hannah Wardrobe

Okay folks -- what is pictured above is just ONE of the outfits we put on today. I decided to take a photo of every single clothes changing today so you could get a full picture. This was probably a "mediocre" day as far as numbers of times she changed. Right about in the middle of her best and worst performances. Here we go:

The first thing she did when she woke up was change out of her pull-up (which is all she sleeps in) and into her pink pajamas. She is pouting here because she wanted her traditional "Dora cape" on, but she couldn't get the clothespin to stick:

Here she is after I successfully helped her get the clothespin working. (She can normally do it herself but just wasn't feeling it this morning):

Not five minutes after we had finished this, she asked me about her purple dress. I had washed it the day before, and it was clean. So she immediately wanted to put that on:

Shortly thereafter, she spilled milk down the front of her purple dress. It had to be washed. So while it was being washed, she opted to be a ballerina for a bit:

She gets tired of the ballerina outfit quickly. Back to the comfy pink pajamas:

I wanted to take a hike so Grampa and Grama stopped by to pick up the kids. They were going to go visit a neighbor (Robbie) who was celebrating a birthday. I told Hannah she had to get warmer. She went to her traditional "leaving the house" garb:

It was really cold today, so I asked Hannah if she would try to see if she could make herself even warmer. Here she is finding a hat and gloves:

And here is the finished product:

When they got home, the purple dress was clean. She was thrilled to get to wear that again:

But now Daddy is home from work, and it is time for bed. She asked to wear one of his shirts (which she takes off before sleeping.) Here is how put it on:

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